PwR Up GG is a locally owned LLC with the mission of bringing the digital world to the local community, but what does that REALLY mean? Our organization was started by one Michiana gamer who just wanted to see his friends from around the country while contributing something meaningful to the local community. Enter PwR^South Bend. This brand new gaming convention will show off panels, exhibits, activities, and maybe more for you to experience. Read more about those below!

Why gaming, though?

People used to think video games were for kids and basement dwellers, but a lot has changed! Events like this one give the world a chance to see that gamers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our goal is to bring people together and to help them connect over common interests while learning something new through activities and conversations.  We want to break stereotypes and help everyone learn how to empower their own story.

In South Bend?!?

Many people wrote South Bend off as a dying city without hope, but some locals took that criticism to heart. Our communities are a reflection of us, so several people got organized and took action. South Bend re-spawned with new life. It is located in the center of many bustling communities – Chicago, Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Indianapolis – so it is the perfect place to gather and celebrate the power we have when we work together.

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