About Minor League Esports

Competition is a driving force for many of us but few of us know what goes on behind the scenes. Minor League Esports will be sending a team of leaders from their organization to talk about the work that gets put on behind the scenes from casting to ensuring fairness and more.

MLE has been serving the Rocket League community for 5+ years now. Starting from humble beginnings of Minor League Doubles, a Discord server where people could compete for bragging rights, Minor League Esports now runs professional broadcasts that are used as testing grounds for the professional Rocket League scene! Additionally, organizers and players have found various career opportunities through MLE.

In addition to a panel, we will be hosting an MLE Meetup where you can meet with players from the region and learn how to get involved! Join us this December to learn how you can get in the game.

Behind the Scenes of An Esports League

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