PwR^South Bend will feature artists, merchants, and organizations that help us celebrate the positive impact of game culture on our communities. Browse our list of exhibits by selecting a category below. If you are interested in getting your own booth, please fill out an application or contact us using the link above!

Activity Hall

Our ~6,000 SF activity hall will host several panelists that you may have heard of or someone new you ought to know! Additionally, there will be community-focused activities such as themed Jackbox Parties, platform meetups, and more. Please see our activities for more details!

Merchant’s Arcade

Browse the wares and learn more about some great services provided by our exhibitors in our ~10,000SF Merchant’s Arcade! There will be something meant for every role.

Browse artists:

Connect with organizations:

Meet merchants:

Plus all of the developers from our Friday night showcase!

JGaming Retro Room

Take a step back to nostalgia with our Retro Room. Sponsored by local game store JGaming, there will be some merchandise, various different systems pre-Playstation 2, and more to experience! More details TBA.

Espin + NextReality VR Escape

Explore new possibilities as we bring in exhibitors from the world of virtual reality. Sponsored by local studios Espin VR and Next Reality VR, there will be an opportunity to play select games as well as meet with some of the people who made it possible to play in VR. More details TBA.


If you are interested in renting a booth or speaking on stage, please fill out a contact form and tell us about what you do!

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