Playing online allows us to stay connected, but there is something special about playing together in person. Invite your online friends to join us all this December in one of our three game rooms!

Games are meant for everyone, but we know everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to how you play. That’s why we are bringing three dedicated rooms to you! Additionally, there will be several on-site LANs from early 2000s gameplay to a modern LAN tournament. Details will be announced in the coming months.

Bendix LAN Center

Experience a top-of-the-line setup in the Bendix LAN Center. The 36 HP Omen PCs will be available in between scheduled activities in addition to the Xbox Series X and PS5 available for actual couch co-op! There are also two tables designed for tabletop games for participants to take a break from the screen.

Virtual Reality

Stationary gaming not enough for you? Escape the confines of your chair and really get into the game with virtual reality!

Retro Room

If you’ve come to reminisce about the nostalgic experiences on systems like the NES, then you’re going to want to go down to the Retro Room. Pick up a classic and play with a friend or maybe try an award winner for the first time.

Rules and expectations

In addition to our general policies, additional rules apply to our game rooms.

  1. Respect the equipment. If you break something, you may be held liable for replacing that item.
  2. Throwing or slamming controllers will result in dismissal from the game rooms and possible expultion from the convention.
  3. Please share the room with others. If someone is waiting to play on your system, finish the fight/race/level, or set a 15-minute timer and get back in line.

Our hope is that you get more than 15 minutes of game time. Due to equipment limitations, we cannot guarantee any game time. Some activities may require day-of registration. Check our info packet when you arrive and ask our on-site guides for help!

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